Miette Sheet

Puppets Character Sheet Miette
The central character from Puppets is 9-year-old Miette.

This is a character sheet for Miette. Miette is the co-hero of the Puppets graphic novel and is a very strange, little 9-year-old girl who seeks her vengeance in the cold, cruel city of Centropolis.

In the book she is mostly frowning, dejected and unhappy due to the events that surround her. I thought it would be a would be a good change to have her happy in this character sheet.

Puppets Character Sheet Miette
9-year-old Miette meets up with Cement for the first time.

This book is tentatively scheduled for a frist edition print in Spring of 2012 and will be in local book and comic stores in the Greater Indianapolis area.

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