Ratso The Rat King

Schmitt Indianapolis Comic
New character art updates and clarifies the original Ratso character style.

Ratso is one of the central villains in the blog. His pages are largely separate so I can sort out where he comes into the story. He plays a large part with the history of the Magic Shop, Miette and her Grand Dad.

He's like a Morlock - a dweller in the periphery of culture that only wanders in and out of the book to provide some foreshadowing. It's his rat wave that does all the real damage. Ratso thinks he's Dr. Gone from The Maxx.

Schmitt Indianapolis Comic
Original digital inks for this character without shading or color in AI.

Thought that I would also post some process pieces with each one of the final images to provide an idea on how this stuff gets thrown together from inks to colored art.

RAW Underground Art Show

Schmitt Indianapolis Comic
Original prints, art and books at the RAW underground art and rock show in Indy.

Paul Schmitt from Gargantuan Media, here. I'll be at the first RAW underground artshow of 2013 on V-Day February 14th. I really need to move some Pre-Sale tickets! $5 off the first 20 people who use the promo code "Gargantuan Media" in the ordering menu.

RAW on Valentine's Day, Thursday the 14th, at Bartini's 39 West Jackson Place #75 in Downtown Indy. I will be celebrating my first true loves: booze and rock'n roll. Pre-Order tickets are only $10 and that gets you:

  • Two bands including the excellent Chicago Typewriters.
  • Burlesque show from Vegas Showgals PUR.
  • Work from 10 Artists including my newest prints and books.
  • A great chance to network with a wide group of artists and film-makers.

Please Pre-Order tickets to ensure my appearance and those of all these excellent bands! You will save $5 on tickets when you buy the Pre-Sale tickets. Please remember select "Gargantuan Media" when you order your tickets and support small press. See you guys and gals there.