Puppets: Raw Inks

Miette and Ratso two-page spread.
Cement crosses the Mittman Street Bridge.

Inks are fun. I'm trying to get more of the central pieces of art, which have a lot of expressive action in them, inked after the first coloring phase which is a twist in my process which usually goes from pencil to ink to color. This time the process is pencil to color and back to inks. There's another color pass comin' as well.

Ratso is kinda psyched about stuff. Rat stuff.

Currently, I'm inking digitally over 120+ pencils. I'm finding a few tight little compositions like these, including the silhouetted hero shot for the graphic novel and animation. Yep, I did say 120+ panels. That's about 17 pages.

ART FYI: Adobe Illustrator accepts Photoshop PSD Layers when the PSD is imported with the "individual objects" setting checked in AI. PSD Layers for color/detail/lighting can be sent from PS into AI while keeping a sharp vector line.

My vectors/inks AND the PSD are saved in two docs: INKS.ai (illustrator) and LAYOUT.psd (the photoshop layers). The PSD started out as 9 panels then was split into 1-2 pages, saved as a "clean" PSD and Placed in a new IA file called "INKS".

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