Puppets Book

Paul Schmitt's Puppets
The cover for the first edition of Puppets by Schmitt and Edwards.

Puppets is a graphic novel that revolves around a strange 9-year-old girl named Miette and the vengeance she seeks in the form of a giant concrete monster named Cement. As for production, the art is getting sorted out as inks. I plan on getting the book done for Spring of 2012.

Paul Schmitt's Puppets
Above is a detail of Miette. Miette, prior to being attacked by a druggie mugger in her grandfather's magic shop, was an accomplished puppeteer and built her own marionettes.

I've based Miette on two people: pre-Catalyst technical genius Norma Cenva from the new Dune books and a very young girl who was brutally murdered in the city of Cincinnati in 2009, God rest her soul.

The plan is to animate this book project after the book is released. I'm currently planning the audio elements for the animation as I complete art for the book. This is going more smoothly thanks to the writer on book Mr. Derrick Edwards of White Rabbit Books. Derrick has re-written the book into 6 chapters for this edition.

Paul Schmitt's Puppets
The Blob, merrily eating it's way through Midtown Central City.

Cement is surprised by another monster, the massive Blob. The Blob busily dissolves people and buildings then is confronted by the ARC equipped military forces. It/they are smashed up into smaller parts by Cement. The scene features Cement, Miette and ARC troopers and the Blob.